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🔥AB Twister For Men and Women🔥

🔥AB Twister For Men and Women🔥
👉Weight of item: 0.77 kg
👉Weight bearing capacity: 80kg to 120kg
👉High Quality Plastic
👉Twisting Plate
👉Rotating Disc
👉Long Lasting Ab Twister
👉Medically Approved
👉Doctors Recommended
👉Ab Twister Exercise Machine
👉Home Gym Machine
🔥AB Twister Specifications🔥
✅Fat Loss Machine
✅Fat Cutter & Fat Burner
✅Useable Anywhere
✅BOOST YOUR METABOLISM:Waist twister exercise can boost your metabolism,which is good for shape your body.
✅POWERFUL AEROBIC EXERCISE: The high impact rotating twist board provides a powerful form of aerobic exercise.
✅SLIM WAIST ABS HIPS & THIGHS: This wobble board is the best moves for a slim waist,twist your way to slimmer abs, hips, and thighs.
✅BLOOD CIRCULATION: Twisting waist disc will stimulates your body circulation and massage your feet at same time.
✅MASSAGE YOUR FEET: Twist board will improve your blood circulation and reduces muscular aches and pains.